How To Harness The Power of LIVE Webinars To Make Passive Income Every Week... Automatically And Effortlessly.
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Yes, I Can't Wait To Discover How To Hold Webinars Over And Over Again And Not Lift A Finger.

I Understand That Top Marketers Are Flocking To Webinars To Rake In Piles Of Cash.

I Want To Start My Own Automated Marketing Machine Today!

I Really Want To Turn A Webinar Replay (plus a few strategic emails) Into A Never-ending Launch.

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The Beginner level for WebinarMax is free. There is no trial subscription or recurring billing. I understand the Begginer service level has only one webinar available to me. I can upgrade my service at anytime.
Only $4.95
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The trial for WebinarMax Apprentice is $4.95 for 30 days and you can cancel anytime. After the 30-day trial you will be automatically billed $37 every month unless you cancel your subscription.
Only $4.95
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The trial for WebinarMax Professional is $4.95 for 30 days and you can cancel anytime. After the 30-day trial you will be automatically billed $67 every month unless you cancel your subscription.
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From: Brian Adams
Date: February 25th, 2018

Dear Friend,

Don’t you hate it when you spend so much time preparing and giving a webinar, and it’s over in one shot! So much time, work and effort goes into doing it just once. But repeating a webinar live several times takes even more time and effort! And is not easy to fit into your schedule, let alone finding appropriate JV partners willing to promote your webinar to their list week after week.

And even if you do find good JV partners, you have to give them hefty commissions out of your profits, making it almost not worth your while.

So why not simply replay your webinar? Replaying a webinar doesn't get anywhere near the results a live webinar gets - just ask any internet marketing guru.

And if you've been marketing online for at least a few years, you probably already know that today, sales letters just don't work like they used to – you've got to use webinars to make any sales at all!

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to ‘clone' your webinar in a way that makes it indistinguishable from a live webinar? And broadcasting it at a specific date and time - as if you were there putting it on live? Even if you're miles away?

Now there is a way. With WebinarMax, you can harness the power of live webinars… perpetually … without being there…And rake in money while you play, vacation or sleep!

WebinarMax is a brand-new, state-of-the-art webinar replay service that allows you to record your webinar once, then re-broadcast it in an extremely believable, authentically- live- looking interface. Your viewers will never know it's pre-recorded.

This new technology goes way beyond any previous attempts by other services. Unlike other webinar replay service interfaces that look like a replay and often fail to play on schedule, WebinarMax is attractive and accurate. It is built with precision and careful attention to detail by marketers for marketers, who know what matters in making the sale.

Watch Our Webinar Replay In Action
View an actual webinar running in the WebinarMax display. Notice how crisp the video image appears. Go ahead and adjust the display size by clicking the icons in the lower right. Explore the information display on the right. Just click to view the demo.

Why All The Fuss About Webinars?

Online marketers know that sales pages these days are far less effective in converting your visitors into dollars. People have developed "blindness" to the predictable format and repetitive nature of sales letters. Recent eye tracking research shows that readers either skim the sales letter lightly ... or ignore them altogether.

One after the other, marketing exerts have turned to a superior marketing method: webinars. When it comes to selling your product, nothing sells better than well-crafted webinars.

Top marketers are reporting that their webinar conversion rates average an astounding 30%! Compare that to the average sales letter conversion rate of under 2% and you'll begin to understand the incredible power of webinars.

Top marketing gurus also report that a one-time event webinar massively out pulls webinar replays. But putting on webinars takes considerable resources. WebinarMax leverages your time, effort and investment. It allows you to pre-record your webinar, then replay it every week as if it were a live event - so you can capitalize on all the benefits of a live event... perpetually ... and automatically!

Compare Conversion Rates: Sales Page vs. Webinar

** data taken from internet marketing experts

With WebinarMax you can …

Create an unstoppable automated marketing machine that generates highly qualified leads for you every week, without fail.
Make thousands of dollars every week, like clockwork... without lifting a finger once you set it up.
Turn a webinar replay (plus a few strategic emails) into a never-ending launch.
Do half the work (or less) and make twice the money (or more)!
Create a predictable, sustainable income.

This “Money Machine” works for anyone – no matter what product or service you sell or what field you're in.

The leads it generates are extremely targeted and primed to buy.

Not only that, but this process massively increases your online exposure and credibility and can make you an expert in virtually any market you choose.

In fact, using WebinarMax:

Eliminates the need to write sales letters (saving you tons of time or tons of money).
Doesn't require any brilliant marketing skills or knowledge you don't already possess.
Doesn't require your being a great speaker.
Doesn't require your own product.

It is a PROVEN marketing system that's easy to duplicate.

Who can benefit from WebinarMax?
Information marketers: New prospects sign up for your webinar, where you have plenty of time to explain, illustrate and demonstrate your selling points, winning them over in droves!

Internet Marketers: Demonstrate your new product, explain your new service, your new launch, train your affiliates, hold a virtual seminars, create 'webinar sales events' and watch your profits soar!

Coaches: Put on weekly sales presentations explaining your methods and services and how they are unique. Your prospects will have plenty of time to get to know, like and trust you from seeing you on the screen. And understanding how you're different from every other coach out there.

You can also announce 'live' training webinars for new signups or new clients. You record once and benefit for a long, long time.

Network Marketers: Now you can schedule a webinar every night to let your prospects know about your opportunity (but you won't have to be there).

You can also hold 'live' training webinars for your downline to keep them motivated, educated and producing more results.

Continuity programs: Why not offer a free trial where you can show new members (via your webinar) the value of your product/service and how to use it better? Imagine how much this strategy alone can skyrocket your conversions.
Alicia Bausley
Founder of Design For Millions
"From the moment I started using WebinarMax, I knew it was different from all the rest of the competition. First, the customer service was simply outstanding, with WebinarMax over delivering right from the start (thank you for answering so many of my questions and clarifying before I made my purchase!).

Secondly, I've saved hundreds of hours of time by allowing my Webinar to play daily, seven days a week, to my list of incoming prospects.

Third...the conversion rate from my ads to my Webinar have been as high as 37% (and I only created one Webinar!).

My call to action at the end of the recorded Webinar has allowed me to interact with new prospects on a daily basis. I never have to worry if the competition is doing something new - because WebinarMax is constantly updating the system and keeping it simple for us non-techies. Thank you for your outstanding product and service!"
Just A Few of WebinarMax's Amazing Features
Vendor / Affiliate Webinar Network
WebinarMax brings together vendors and affiliates through high quality webinars! Vendors can submit their high converting webinars onto the WebinarMax network. Simply upload your best webinars. Create a buzz in the affiliate community by advertising your network webinar on your affiliate info page.

Affiliates can promote any webinar on the network. Just browse and click "promote" to select a vendor webinar. Add your own custom introduction and ending to the webinar to get your visitors' attention and interest. Yes, you can add a video or audio like bookends onto the vendor webinar. These amazing and powerful affiliate options dramatically warm the prospect.

Multi Level Marketers can take full advantage by submitting their best webinar to sell the opportunity. Just tell your downline about your great webinar. Your associates can promote your webinar and send prospects to their own opportunity registration page. It makes for a powerful recruiting tool!

Vendor Webinars Available - (a few examples)
Brian Adams
Auto Webinar Wealth
Business / Investing
Marvin White
Freedom Now Business Selling System
Business / Investing
Casey Zeman
Make Money with YouTube
Business / Investing
Chad Goehring
MediaFISSION - Solutions for Today's Ma
Paul Skulitz
We Can Help

Webinar Like Display Interface Mimics A Live Event
Did you ever notice how a true webinar takes most of your computer screen... you can view in fine detail and also can re-size? Why settle for a webinar replay that just looks like a crummy video? A postage stamp size low resolution video display is a quick tip that the visitor is just watching a pre-recorded webinar. Guess what? Your sales drop-off when they realize it's not a webinar. You're also unable to really show your product, service or opportunity in it's full hi-res glory.

The WebinarMax display interface has been designed to really look like a LIVE webinar event. The display can be dynamically re-sized to fill your browser window with three sizes: small, medium and large. It even looks like a webinar!

The webinar display boasts an attractive info display column. You can add webinar info such as a title, description, host, time zones. You can additionally collect visitor feedback when they submit questions.

Outstanding Video Image Quality
We even support a hi-resolution or hi-def video image! That's right, even the finest detail desktop recordings will look sharp with high resolution. This is prefect for computer screen demos or showing a website. Even Powerpoint presentations look much sharper... visitors will be able to read as small as 4 pt font sizes... wow! We go into video step by step instruction for recording and preparing your webinar in hi-resolution. Heck, we even tell you how to record in hi-definition (1920x1080).

Don't get tied into a webinar replay service that offers any less then hi-resolution. You've spent days or weeks preparing for your high impact webinar. Why down scale your webinar replay to an under-sized display that screams VIDEO?

Advanced Webinar Scheduling
Set your webinar schedule on any day of the week. You can even run the webinar on each and every day. You webinar will come off precisely on that day and time each and every week.

WebinarMax has been designed to properly handle early, on-time and late arrivers. When arriving early, the visitor is notified of the webinar start time. The webinar will start-up automatically on schedule. When the visitor arrives on-time or somewhat after the webinar start, the webinar will start in-progress as if a LIVE event.

You can set your local time zone to make scheduling easy. Market in any time zone with advanced international support! WebinarMax allows you to show up to three time zones in the webinar display and registration page. This is perfect for those marketing to Europe, Australia, Japan or anywhere. You can even easily switch the time displayed from US Standard (12 hour AM/PM) to military (24 hour).

Rufina James
Roseville, CA
"WebinarMax is the most powerful and effective webinar replay service anywhere! It not only looks extremely professional (I love the choice of screen sizes and high def), but it's meticulously efficient. Other services can't compare with the features WebinarMax has or the accuracy.

Yesterday, a webinar I wanted to watch on another service started 8 minutes late. And the other day, I waited 20 minutes for a webinar replay to start on another service - 20 minutes! Pathetic! WebinarMax ALWAYS starts on time. Once you've tried it, you'll be spoiled."
Chat LIVE with your webinar visitors
Live chat is integrated with your Webinarmax user account. Just enable live chat on your next webinar... interact with your visitors.

As a host you can now chat with your visitors real time. You or your assistant can attend your own webinar and interact with your prospects. Just enter the live chat room located in your user dashboard. Turn on live chat and get started firing messages to your audience. Ask your visitors questions during your webinar. Find out how they feel about your product or service. Answer all their questions or concerns. Make sure you cover all the bases. Boost your sales.

As a visitor ask any question you want. Get into a chat discussion with the host. See what other visitors are asking. Learn from the others on the webinar. Live chat just makes the webinar appear as a live event. It retains visitor interest and prompts them to stay until the end of the webinar.

Live chat is available today for the Apprentice an Professional service levels. Get going to put this powerful webinar feature into gear. Lift your sales.

Choose To Run A Facebook Integrated Webinar
You have the option of running your webinar as a Facebook application. After setup, your webinar is connected to Facebook and gains the benefits of viral traffic. The webinar display still has the same great WebinarMax advantages. After an introductory welcome video, the webinar visitor will login to their Facebook account. The visitor can perform Facebook functions such as LIKE or SEND TO FRIENDS. They can also view FACES or those attending the webinar and make comments directly.

There are many advantages to you as a marketer. After your visitors login, their Facebook name and email are sent direct to your auto-responder list. You collect their TRUE name and email! In this way the registration and webinar are combined in one step.

Your webinar visitors will now be able to connect your webinar link direct to their Facebook account. Watch your FREE viral Facebook traffic grow! Visitors hit the like button and post to their wall. The send to friend button simply invites more traffic direct to your webinar. Their comments are also posted in Facebook for friends to view.

Yes, you have the same great features you've enjoyed with WebinarMax. Make use of the hi-res display, call to action buttons, visitor tracking and vendor / affiliate network and more. You still have the webinar registration page as an option to send visitor traffic for a scheduled event.

Free Gift Module Keeps Your Visitors Until The End Of The Webinar
Now you can bundle a free gift along with your high impact webinar. As a marketer, you already know the power of FREE! Your prospects like to get free stuff and this helps greatly to build trust and obtain their undivided interest.

WebinarMax offers you the ability to provide a free gift at the conclusion of your webinar. Give out PDF reports, videos, audios, software, more... Use anything that can be placed inside a zip file.

By only enabling the free gift at the end of the webinar, you keep your prospect through your offer and closing. This simply boosts your sales! This is too good to be true.

You get to customize your free gift with a title, description, eCover.. that's right your get to use your own eCover. The gift is under software control, so your visitor only redeems the gift at the conclusion of your webinar.

Etienne Juneau

"WebinarMax has made me $17,471 in the 7 months I've used it. It's real easy: every week, I tell my list there's going to be a special training Tuesday 6:00 PM, Thursday 8:00 PM, and Saturday 11:00 AM. In that training, I focus on one benefit they really want to get and I explain them how to get it. At the end of the training, I make them a one-time, special offer for a product that helps them get the benefit they want.

I have a horror story with another high-profile automated webinar provider I tried before WebinarMax. That was my first webinar ever. I emailed my list all week, teasing them about the upcoming webinar. They couldn't wait! Saturday morning, the day of the webinar, their self-hosted servers couldn't handle the load. People couldn't log in, chat, and the webinar video was skippy. It was hell. About 70% of attendes couldn't get in, and I STILL made $582,51. I estimate I lost over $2,000 that day. I chose WebinarMax because their servers are on the Amazon cloud. They're always fast, always up, and they've handled everything I've thrown at them. In 7 months, I've never had one single problem."

Visitor Tracking To Give You A Huge Marketing Advantage
Now you can track your webinar visitors right down to their name and email! By turning on visitor tracking, you will collect the visitor name and email into your visitor log. Each visitor entry is also time / date stamped. Review who and when your visitors arrive... just follow-up with them. This is just plain smart marketing.

You can even send your visitor comments direct to your email inbox. In this way, you are on top of any visitor feedback in real time. Respond to visitor comments while your webinar is in session as if the broadcast was LIVE.

Use visitor tracking to boost your sales conversions. Connect directly with your visitors to address any questions or concerns.

Call To Action Buttons Help Drive Conversions
Yes, you can enable a 'call to action' button to pop-up anytime during your webinar. This button simply helps prompt the visitor to purchase or enroll in your program. It makes it easy for them to take your desired action. Typically, this call to action is triggered toward the end of your webinar just as you are closing and asking for the sale.

You can have the call to action appear as an overlay on top of your webinar or just below the display. You can even provide a title and description to accompany the CTA button. Pick from a generous selection of thirty call to action buttons.

Unlimited Attendees With No Disk Or Bandwidth Worries
We host your webinar on a turbo-charged Amazon S3 server. Invite as many webinar visitors as you can gather. No problem. We've partnered with Amazon to scale your webinar and provide enough bandwidth to serve your needs. Your account is not limited or reduced in any way. Just go for it!

You get twenty webinars to independently control! This is more than enough for most users. Use total webinar automation times twenty.

We give you an easy video upload function to run your webinar on our server. Just select your video file and hit UPLOAD. We keep track of your video and associate it with your webinar replay.. all database driven.

60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
That means if at any time in the first two months for any reason (or no reason at all) you're not absolutely thrilled with your WebinarMax membership, all you have to do is contact support you'll find in the members area and I'll refund every penny you paid on the spot. No hassles, no runarounds. I'll just “thank you” for giving WebinarMax an honest try.

WebinarMax Service Levels

Beginner Apprentice Professional
Number of Webinars 1 5 20
Setup (first 30 days) FREE $4.95 $4.95
Price FREE $37/mo. $67/mo.
Unlimited Visitors
Advanced Scheduling
International Time Zones
Custom Video Sizing
Run on Your Website Domain
Advanced Video Support
Webinar Start In Progress
Advanced Webinar Like Display
Display Dynamic Resizing
Call To Action Buttons
Disk / Bandwith Provided
Registration Page
Supports Ext. Auto responder
User Manual
Training Videos
Amazon S3 Server Driven
Run Network Webinars
Submit Network Webinars
Technical Support
Comment Log
Google Analytics  
Ad Free  
Private Networks  
Free Gift Module  
LIVE Chat  
Visitor Tracking    
Facebook Integrated Webinar    
Attendance Module    
Comments To Your Inbox    

Sorry Full
The Beginner level for WebinarMax is free. There is no trial subscription or recurring billing. I understand the Begginer service level has only one webinar available to me. I can upgrade my service at anytime.
Only $4.95
Sorry Full
The trial for WebinarMax Apprentice is $4.95 for 30 days and you can cancel anytime. After the 30-day trial you will be automatically billed $37 every month unless you cancel your subscription.
Only $4.95
Sorry Full
The trial for WebinarMax Professional is $4.95 for 30 days and you can cancel anytime. After the 30-day trial you will be automatically billed $67 every month unless you cancel your subscription.

Signup today, upload your webinar, schedule a date a time (heck, schedule a webinar for each of your seven days), send out emails announcing your webinars and watch the results pile in!

All the big gurus use webinars to catapult their income and reputations to the big leagues. You can do the same... in any market you choose.

With WebinarMax you have an easy, affordable way to promote yourself, your product or services exponentially with a unique automated system that can generate passive income for you week in and week out...with NO EXTRA effort.

You owe it to yourself to try it today, before all spots are gone.

Brian Adams

Yes, I Can't Wait To Discover How To Hold Webinars Over And Over Again And Not Lift A Finger.

By ordering today I will get 30-Day Access To WebinarMax For Only $4.95 where I can sell over and over again while I'm doing something else!!!

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