Joint Venture with WebinarMax

Lifetime membership to WebinarMax Pro level.
Product package being sold for $497
Basic Features
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • International Time Zones
  • Webinar Start In Progress
  • Call To Action Buttons
  • Disk / Bandwidth Provided
  • Registration Page
  • Supports Ext. Auto responder
  • Amazon S3 Server Driven
  • Comment / Visitor Log
  • Google Analytics
  • Run on Your Website Domain
Advanced Features
  • Advanced Video Support
  • Advanced Webinar Like Display
  • Custom Video Sizing
  • Run Network Webinars
  • Submit Network Webinars
  • Private Networks
  • Free Gift Module
  • LIVE Chat
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Facebook Integrated Webinar
  • Attendance Module
  • Comments To Your Inbox
Training & Support
  • User Manual
  • Training Videos
  • Technical Support
  • Free Webinar Marketing Resources
Pickup $204 Each Sale. Ker-Ching...
This Is A Huge 41% Instant Commission.

Commissions are paid out instantly to your own Paypal account. No waiting around. You just make the sale and leave the training, support, disk and bandwidth to me.

As an extra added incentive, all JV partners who sell ten or more packages will also receive a free lifetime account to WebinarMax pro level. This is a huge $497 bonus just for putting up only ten sales. Can't beat that...

Many Advantages To Being a JVZoo Affiliate.
Learn why this is a great deal for you.

I'm making use of the JVZoo affiliate program. Becoming a member is free - click here to join. After joining JVZoo please apply to join the WebinarMax Lifetime Pro Package 1-pay and 3-pay. This WebinarMax JV program is already prepared and ready to go. First click on your affiliate tab then click on join program. Next type "webinarmax" into the search bar and you'll see these two packages. It's listed as "WebinarMax Lifetime Professional Package" in the JVZoo. Just apply and I'll need to approve you as a joint venture partner. You can also send an email to to give me a heads-up that you have an interest in participating. We'll also connect by email and phone to answer any questions you may have. Please also opt-in below to get ongoing JV updates.

Instant Affiliate Payments
Our system runs on Paypal's adaptive payment system which allows your payments to go directly into your paypal account. Learn more...
Global Vendor Cookies For All Affiliates
As an affiliate this is one of the most important features you should be on the look out for because it's just extra money in your pocket! By sending a buyer to one of our vendors you are automatically cookied to any other product that vendor may have in our market place. Learn more...
Instant Sales Notification
Each time a sale is made through your affiliate link, an email is sent to your email address. It's nice to be able to login and check your sales stats, but it's even nicer to be notified each time a new sale comes in. With JVZoo, you'll know instantly through our sales notification system! Learn more...
Instant Tracking of Sales and Statistics
As an affiliate, statistics play a major part in which products are chosen for your campaigns. Not only do we provide detailed statistics for campaigns for you to choose from, but once you have begun to promote a campaign you get even more detailed stats. We track everything for you! Learn more...

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A Sales Landing Page Is Prepared For Your Prospects.
Just make use of your coded affiliate link from JVZoo.

Simply use your own coded affiliate link as supplied from JVZoo. You can drive prospects from your website, email broadcasts or other web promotions. Please don't send SPAM messages. You can preview the sales page - click here.

Your affiliate hoplink is used to identify the sale for you.
View your stats real time and watch the sales pile-up.

We track everything for you! You will be able to see detailed reports of how many visitors and clicks you have received, how many sales you have made, your conversion percentage and also the EPC (earnings per click) for each individual campaign. Having detailed stats is a must when choosing a campaign but also when making adjustments to existing promotions. JVZoo has you covered on both ends!

You have a variety of promotion methods at your disposal.
Contact me to setup a joint webinar promotion.

You can use traffic from your website, just make use of your affiliate link. You can use paid traffic from Google Adwords or MSN Ad Center as an example, either text or image ads.

Make an email broadcast to your list about this great offer. I can help to provide email examples for you to use.

A primary vehicle for creating sales is to conduct a joint webinar. Just introduce me on the call and I'll take it from there. Your coded affiliate link is used at the end of the webinar so you get credit for commissions on the sales. Just contact me if you would like to reserve a webinar time for your list members - email: . I already hold a Goto Webinar account as this will be used LIVE. The email broadcasts are setup for you to use as templates when inviting your list to the webinar.

Collect a top line tablet computer.
Get rewarded handsomly for being a sales leader. This JV sales contest runs until 12/31/2012.

Grand Prize: Apple iPad (32G Wi Fi). Apple's new iPad includes a stunning new screen, matched by a quad-core graphic processor and the world's largest app and media store to feed it content. There's a proper 5-megapixel rear camera now, with 1080p recording quality. Optional 4G data from AT&T and Verizon afford an uncompromising mobile experience. Apple's new iPad is a mix of the familiar and the futuristic. Its design remains practically unchanged from last year's iPad 2. Its internal components and wireless capabilities have only received a predictable bump. You'd think Apple fell asleep at the wheel with this one--until that moment when you turn on the screen. When I tell you that Apple has doubled the iPad's screen resolution to an unprecedented 2,048x1,536 pixels, your eyes should water a little. No other screen in your home can compete with this resolution--not your laptop, not your desktop computer, not even your 1080p TV. For a device that fits in your lap and costs as little as $499, a screen like this is an impressive feat.

Second Place: Google Nexus 7 The Nexus 7's quad-core Tegra 3 processor delivers fast performance and a beautiful and responsive screen. Also, it's comfortable to hold and Android 4.1 brings a surplus of welcome additions. The Nexus 7 tablet embodies the moment when tablet buyers no longer have to compromise performance for price. No other 7-inch tablet combines this level of performance, with Android 4.1's features, in such a comfortable design. What buyers lose with the lack of built-in expandable storage options and the omission of a back camera, they’ll gain in complete OS flexibility in a powerful and cheap tablet.

Third Place: Kindle Fire HD. The Kindle Fire HD has a most impressive-looking 7-inch tablet screen, its speakers deliver killer sound, and its refined interface is the best gateway to Amazon content for Prime members. New enhancements fill its $200 price to the brim with value. The original Kindle Fire felt like a rushed, but mostly successful attempt to deliver a gateway to Amazon video, music, and book content. The Kindle Fire HD improves on the original in nearly every area in which the Fire was lacking and, thanks to some key refinements, proves to be a much better delivery system for that media. Amazon Prime members looking to sate their ceaseless hunger for movies, TV shows, music, and books need look no further. With the huge media catalog available, you'll surely get your fix here.

**Note: Prizes will only be awarded for those JV partners who accrued more than 10 sales during the contest. The sales credited for the contest are tallied and counted after the refund period has expired for your sales. This is 30 days after each sale.

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Brian Adams

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